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Sleeper (1973, Woody Allen)

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Jacob van Loon (on Tumblr) & Chad Wys (on Tumblr)


CW:  What is your favorite work from your oeuvre?

JVL: I try not to determine favorites or bests, people looking usually decide that for themselves. I’m usually already over whatever I’m working on a few weeks after it’s done. I’ve not regressed into anything, which is more my concern—keeping momentum forward.

CW: I can certainly respect that. For the benefit of the folks at home, I’ll attach an image of one of my many favorites from your body of work: Crossfader I. Finally, what are you up to now?

JVL: My life seems to be heading back towards academics, at least for the upcoming school year. I have plans to return to school to either teach or study a Drawing MFA, as well as a unique residency opportunity with a small museum starting this summer. Time is still winning the war – I’m in particularly short supply at the moment and hope to have more concrete news to share in a few months. Fingers crossed.

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Jacob van Loon, Crossfader I. Mixed media on panel, 24x24” (2013)
Jacob van Loon, Crossfader II. Mixed media on panel, 24x24” (2013)
Chad Wys, Garage Sale Picture Of An English Officer With Bars. Paint on found print and frame, 35.5”x29.5”x1.75” (2013)
Chad Wys, Thrift Store Portrait Of A Boy With Stripes. Paint on found print and frame, 26”x22”x1.5” (2013)

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Chad Wys | on Tumblr

Raphael Deleted 3. Paint on found print, 8.75”x6.25” (2011)
Portrait Of A Woman With Deletions. Paint on found print, 8.75”x6.25” (2011)
Raphael Deleted 2. Paint on found print, 8.75”x6.25” (2011)
Fragonard With Halos. Collage on found print, 7.25”x5.75” (2011)

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SPOTLIGHT: Emoji-nation by Nastya Nudnik

Sometimes, and it happens very rarely, something spectacular from our collective history clashes dramatically with a piece of nuanced pop culture. Today, one of these fantastic things came to us in the form of this collection of viral images.

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Jared Leto at my studio #8


Jared Leto at my studio #8


Today’s discovery.

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Mitosis by RiparianVeins


Sir Richard Branson opens Mahali Mzuri in Kenya